What Are Your 2015 Goals?

Happiest New Year to you!  I hope 2015 is treating you right so far, and you are as excited as I am to start a fresh year! Writing goals for the new year is one of the things I enjoy doing most.  In the past, my goal list looked more like a Home and Self Improvement To-Do List.  You know: paint the house, replace the outside light, drink lemon water each morning, lose the arm flab once and for all, blah blah blah.

This year, I’m focusing inward.  I’ve added Spiritual and Community sections to my goals list.  Some of those goals include:

Meditate daily, and participate in a group meditation

What are your 2015 Goals|Grow Eat Glow

Read “Women Who Run with the Wolves”

What are your 2015 Goals|Grow Eat Glow

Be in the present moment

What are your 2015 Goals|Grow Eat Glow

Volunteer at the animal shelter twice a month (with my son)

What are your 2015 Goals|Grow Eat Glow

Visit a farmer’s market at least once a month

What are your 2015 Goals|Grow Eat Glow

I feel the need to grow spiritually and as a person.  It’s like a gnawing in the back of my mind.  A whisper.  A gentle nudge.

And isn’t it funny, when you focus on something, the universe tells you you’re on the right path with little signs and signals?

Since I began focusing on Spirituality and Community, a few things have happened:

I met two spiritual women (one online, one in person), who gave me the courage to explore my authentic self.

I discovered Danielle LaPorte and her program “The Desire Map”.

My bestie and I shared meaningful life conversations as we drove from Arizona to Virginia.  Girl power!

My son had a school assignment which led us to the animal shelter and the decision to volunteer.

A farmer’s market opened a few miles from my house!

If you get all geeky over goal setting like me, here are a few of my favorite resources you might find useful in your journey:

Eating Whole Foods:  Is transitioning to whole foods one of your 2015 goals?  Take the 14 Week Mini Pledge at 100 Days of Real Food.  There’s a Facebook group full of awesome women who are doing the challenge and sharing ideas!

Illness Recovery:  Kris Carr is a spicy juicing queen who said “Hell No!” to Stage 4 liver cancer by juicing and eating a vegan diet.  She shares great recipes and vegan tips, and insightful self-care info as well!

Detox: Ready for a cleanse? Try Green Smoothie Girl’s 26 Day Detox.  I’m on Day 5 of the detox right now (one of my goals) and have lost 6.5 holiday pounds already!  Your body will thank you for flushing out toxins and giving your digestive system a much needed rest.

Business/Professional Development: Want your own cheerleader at work?  I highly recommend signing up for Marie Forleo’s weekly videos on Marie TV.  She’s inspiring, thought-provoking, and funny!

Spiritual: Check out Danielle LaPorte‘s Desire Map to discover your core feelings and center your goals around them.  Life changing!

House Reno: The Sawdust Girl has remodeled FIVE homes on her own, without anyone’s help!  If she can do it, so can we!

I’d love to know if you have any juicy resource nuggets to add.  Share your info below!

A deep, heartfelt thanks to everyone for your support in 2014.  I can’t wait to see what Grow Eat Glow has in store for the New Year!



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