Random Happy Roundup

October flew by, didn’t it?  It’s hard to believe that today is Halloween.  In my analytical brain, November 1 signifies the beginning of the holidays.  It’s when I start making Thanksgiving and Christmas plans with family, think about Christmas gifts (let the crocheting begin!), and transition my wardrobe from shorts to sweaters.  Arizona doesn’t have an autumn or spring.  It’s either hot or cold.  Air conditioner to heater in the same week.  Srsly.

But let us not rush into the crazy season just yet!  Instead, let’s
continue enjoying cool mornings on the patio, warm afternoons, and an uncluttered calendar.

Here are a few random bits of things going on in my life right now.  Things that make me happy, thankful, blessed, and inspired.  Enjoy!

Got Eggs?

Random Happy Roundup|Grow Eat Glow

The Hubster works with a couple of folks who own chickens, and they are kind enough to share their eggs with us.  If you’ve never tasted a fresh egg before, you are missing out!  The yolks are a dark yellow, almost orange in color.  They taste so much better than the store-bought, sad chicken eggs.  I just love the different colors – blue, tan, beige.  Now that I think about it, most of my home decor is in these colors!

it’s worth the time to find someone who is willing to sell or trade their eggs with you.  Happy chickens make delicious eggs!

The Backyard

Random Happy Roundup|Grow Eat Glow

My attempts at growing lettuce.  Micro greens are good for you!

Random Happy Roundup|Grow Eat Glow

A pop of color in the backyard.

Random Happy Roundup|Grow Eat Glow

I’ve been working on my backyard and garden in anticipation for the cooler weather.  In Arizona, we enjoy our patios in the fall and winter, and stay indoors during the hot summer.  I could sit out here all day!

Garden update:  caterpillars took over the lettuce, and my spinach never sprouted.  The cilantro and chives are doing well, so I will baby those and hope they survive!  Oh, how I wish I didn’t have a brown thumb.  I’ll keep trying!

Pumpkin Carving and BBQ

Last Saturday we hosted a Pumpkin Carving Party and BBQ cook off.  My husband and a friend’s husband smoked pork shoulder, and everyone brought a side dish.  The food was mouth watering – we decided to make the cook off a regular event!

About 50 friends and neighbors attended.  It was quite a hoedown!  I got so caught up in the day that I didn’t take very many pictures.

Random Happy Roundup|Grow Eat Glow

This friendly pumpkin was one of my favorites.

Random Happy Roundup|Grow Eat Glow

Dennis is proud of the pink ring that forms in the meat – the sign of perfectly smoked pork shoulder!

Random Happy Roundup|Grow Eat Glow

What a talented father/daughter duo!  Their jack o’lanterns turned out amazing.

Random Happy Roundup|Grow Eat Glow

Love that smile!

Guacamole – It’s Good For You!

I hosted my first cooking demo for school. Thanks to the employees at CRG for being my first victims audience.  We had a few good laughs about what the word “avocado” translates to, as well as the role genetics play in your taste for cilantro.

Random Happy Roundup|Grow Eat Glow

 I made guacamole, which we enjoyed with homemade corn tortilla chips and bell peppers.  The guacamole recipe is here.

Thanks for letting me share my 31 Days of Happy October with you!  Thank you also to Marialuz Jimenez of Lovely Healing for teaming up with me this month.  Her website is beautiful – check it out!

Next month I’ll be featuring a  couple of crock pot and stew recipes in honor of the cooler weather.

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!


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