5 Easy Ways to Feel Happier

Guest Post by Marialuz  Jimenez

Even though is true that every day we should focus our attention and celebrate that what makes us happy, it is also true that sometimes we allow ourselves to be distracted from that which really matters to us by our daily worries and obligations. That is part of life and there is no point in feeling bad about it. Once you accept that reality, it is easier to move from a place of love and compassion and start making little things to change it, and move towards that awesome reality you dream of.

Want to feel happier? Focus exactly on that, the things that make you happy and you will raise your vibration to attract more of the same.

Here are 5 easy ways to do it:

  • Keep handy pictures of great moments: Your heart will fill with joy as your remember those treasured memories, like a wonderful vacation, family or of an accomplishment that makes you feel proud of yourself.
  • Surround yourself with people who bring your energy up: Those wonderful individuals who are always talking in a positive way and that focus on the beautiful aspects of daily life.
  • Keep in touch with people that “feel” your joy and congratulate you for your achievements.
  • Decorate your environment in a way that is appealing to your senses: What you see, hear, sense or smell have a deep impact in your mood and your inspiration.
  • Be grateful for at least one thing in your day: It will help you bring your awareness on all the wonderful things in your life.

Remember that:

You are a beautiful energy being, and you will inevitably attract what you focus on.

It is a universal truth for all of us.

5 Easy Ways to Feel Happier|Grow Eat Glow

I want to share with you what makes me happy: My family, and want to invite you to share what makes you happy.

Hari OM ॐ

With Love, Marialuz

marialuz jimenezAuthor: Marialuz Jimenez
Holistic Therapist, Intuitive Healer & Artist. My passion is to empower people to heal from the inside out. My belief: we all have the ability to heal and transform ourselves, we all deserve a happy, loving and fulfilled life. Find more inspiration at www.lovelyhealing.com.

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