Favorite Fall Pinterest Crafts

My childhood friend Amy and I invented the first Pinterest concept in 1978.  Seriously.  Back then, we called it “Sears Catalog.”  We’d take our moms’ catalogs and build a whole life around the photos – – we picked out what we each looked like and chose our groovy outfits.  Then we decided on our hunky husbands, adorable kids, and home interior.  After our fake families were in place, Amy and I rode our bikes drove our Camaros around the neighborhood, pretending to be the

feather-haired catalog beauties and live our perfect lives.

In the early 1990’s I fell in love with decorating.  I tore images out of magazines and saved them in a large “My Style” binder.  It was organized by room and included home decor inspiration and craft projects that made my heart go pitter patter.  I created a  whole “catalog” of things I loved — heaven!

Fast forward to 2012, when I discovered Pinterest.  Boards organized by subject with unlimited pinning space?  Fashion, food, holidays, home decor, and crafts?  The analytical and creative sides of my brain  merged together in one glorious addiction website, ready to store all of my inspiration into a single mecca of womanly delights, a.k.a., Mom Porn.

Favorite Fall Pinterest Crafts|Grow Eat Glow

Today I’m celebrating 31 Days of Happiness with a few fall Pinterest crafts (and other randomness) I have gleefully completed and  displayed around my home.  I posted links to the original websites in case you’re so inclined to get down and dirty with your craft self.  Enjoy the show!

Pumpkin Bookpage Banner|Grow Eat Glow

This Pumpkin Bunting project is so easy, especially if you have an old book and some extra scrapbook paper lying around.  Hop on over to Simple As That for full directions — she also shows adorable bunting for other holidays as well!  Her photos are amazing.

Fall Desk Display|Grow Eat Glow

This is where I spend most of my day.  I’m either writing blog posts or studying nutrition, so I wanted a cute space that was just mine.  The desk is a Ballard Design knock-off that my husband and I made (a friend of his made the metal bottom).  The chair is from Target – it’s a little short, so I’d like to put some casters on the bottom like Jones Design Company did here.  I’ll post a pic if I do it !  I got the shabby metal display from an antique shop in Texas.  It’s a great place for invites, thank you notes, and pictures of nieces and nephews!

Halloween Decor|Grow Eat Glow

I snagged this cool porcelain skeleton from a Real Deals on Home Decor store (that is no longer in business) in Tucson.  Do any of you have a Real Deals in your area?  I absolutely love that store.  The Spooky Sign (to the left) is also a Real Deals purchase.

My mom showed me how to make the book pages thingy, so I don’t have a tutorial for that.  If you’re interested in making it, let me know and I can do a tutorial!  I use it all year round.

Give Thanks Burlap Banner|Grow Eat Glow My “Give Thanks” Banner was super easy to make, thanks to my sis-in-law Jenny who let me use her Silhouette to cut out stencils for the letters.  Actually, she cut the stencils for me as I have no idea how to use that mysterious machine.  Maybe one day I’ll get one, but using Jenny’s Silhouette gives me a reason to visit her!

When I clicked the pin for the banner project it took me to the DIY Showoff blog, but I couldn’t find the project.  Don’t you just hate when that happens?  I found a similar tutorial on this blog, and hers is just as cute!  Both blogs are full of great ideas – I could spend hours on them (and probably will).

Give Thanks Burlap Banner|Grow Eat Glow

This chandelier is another Real Deals find and used to be black.  I spray painted it and then shabbied it up with some sandpaper.  The white cord cover is just a long tube I sewed.  The tube is three times longer than the cord, that way it scrunches up when you slide it over the cord.  I put the cord cover on before the chandelier was attached.

Dehydrated Fairy|Grow Eat Glow

This is one of my favorite decor items — a Dehydrated Fairy!  She’s only a few inches tall and is usually kept in a glass jar with her dehydrated fairy sisters, to be used in potions and such.  Dehydrated fairies possess magical powers and should be used sparingly.

My husband’s cousin’s wife Mary (whew!) is a Halloween decor genius and gets the credit for this project.  She’s made with a dollar store skeleton, butterfly wings, a glue gun, and glitter.  Let me know if you’d like to me to make a tutorial!

Fall Chalkboard and Fall Leaf Garland|Grow Eat Glow

The chalkboard is actually a mirror I had and transformed with chalk paint.  It’s in my kitchen and I love to update it with the seasons.  The pumpkin drawing idea came from Three Pixie Lane.  Her autumn pictures are ah-maze-balls!

The Fall Leaves Garland idea came from A Beautiful Mess.  Also drool-worthy.  Give yourself lots of time to browse, Baby Girl!

Fall Kitchen Decor|Grow Eat Glow

Here’s a final shot of my kitchen, looking into the dining room area.  The painted pantry door is another Pinspiration from The Twice Remembered Cottage, and I learned how to paint a door using a tutorial from Thrifty Decor Chick.  I was always so afraid to paint my doors (even boring white), until I followed Thrifty Decor Chick’s directions.  Now I’m a door-painting fiend!

Thanks for taking a tour of my  fall decorated house using Pinterest ideas!  If you’d like to see my complete obsession collection, follow me on Pinterest.  We can check out each other’s fake houses and wave as we pass each other in our Camaros!

Don’t forget to follow #31daysofhappyoctober on Facebook and Instagram, and check out Lovely Healing‘s 31 Days of Happiness as well!


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