Curry and Rice (A Love Story)

Does your family have a recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation?  My husband’s family has a slew of famous family gems:  decadent pumpkin pie, savory spaghetti sauce, creamy mashed potatoes, moist Thanksgiving stuffing… the mouth-watering list goes on and on.

In my family, there is one recipe that’s been passed down, but one recipe is all we need.  And so begins our love story…

Catherine, or Kitty, as her friends called her, was born and raised in Manchester, England.  Petite and pretty, Kitty was a young woman who loved to sing, dance, and act.  She was full of passion and life, with a sprinkle of cheekiness.  

Soon after World War II ended, she met Bud, a tall and handsome American soldier who was stationed in England.  They had a whirlwind courtship and fell head over heels for each other.  She knew it was true love, and invited Bud to her home to meet her family.  Kitty made Curry and Rice for dinner, an Indian dish which was gaining popularity in Britain after the war.  She served the meal with cornbread and a knob of butter.

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Random Happy Roundup

October flew by, didn’t it?  It’s hard to believe that today is Halloween.  In my analytical brain, November 1 signifies the beginning of the holidays.  It’s when I start making Thanksgiving and Christmas plans with family, think about Christmas gifts (let the crocheting begin!), and transition my wardrobe from shorts to sweaters.  Arizona doesn’t have an autumn or spring.  It’s either hot or cold.  Air conditioner to heater in the same week.  Srsly.

But let us not rush into the crazy season just yet!  Instead, let’s
continue enjoying cool mornings on the patio, warm afternoons, and an uncluttered calendar.

Here are a few random bits of things going on in my life right now.  Things that make me happy, thankful, blessed, and inspired.  Enjoy!

Got Eggs?

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Mindful Eating and a Kale Salad Recipe

Food is one of the great pleasures in life, and there are many reasons for eating. We eat for energy, nutrition, and to support our body’s functions. Sometimes we also eat for emotional reasons: when we’re sad, bored, happy, stressed, or experience food cravings.

When we eat emotionally, we typically crave something sweet or high in carbohydrates. These refined carbs provide little or no nutrition. They digest quickly in our mouths and take less effort to eat, making it easy to overindulge. Additionally, these foods cause spikes in our blood sugar, which lead to more cravings when we crash.   Leafy greens and plant-based food, on the other hand, take time to chew and swallow, provide nutrients, and help activate the digestion process.

So how do we choose foods that are better for the body, mind, and spirit? We can do this by practicing mindful eating. When we focus on why and what we’re eating, we benefit in so many ways, including improved digestion, nutrient absorption, and long-sustaining energy.

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Slow Cooker Pinto Beans Recipe

Beans, beans, the magical fruit!  There are so many things to love about the humble bean.  Not only are they a great protein source and super inexpensive, beans have many nutritious benefits!  Here are a few reasons to love beans:

  • Beans are high in fiber – 12 grams in a one cup serving!  Fiber helps keep you feeling full longer, which aids in weight loss.  Most people don’t get the required daily amount of fiber (25 grams), which can cause constipation and other digestive issues.
  • A low glycemic index makes beans are an excellent food for diabetics.
  • The phytochemicals found in all plants (including beans) help fight cancer, heart disease, and other chronic diseases by eliminating free radicals in the body.
  • Beans can help lower your cholesterol.
  • Did I mention beans are cheap?  You can feed your family a nutrient-rich dinner for less than you’d spend at the drive-thru.  I buy mine in the bulk section at Sprouts for 99 cents per pound.
  • Beans are so easy to make, especially when you throw them in the crockpot and let them cook all day.

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Favorite Fall Pinterest Crafts

My childhood friend Amy and I invented the first Pinterest concept in 1978.  Seriously.  Back then, we called it “Sears Catalog.”  We’d take our moms’ catalogs and build a whole life around the photos – – we picked out what we each looked like and chose our groovy outfits.  Then we decided on our hunky husbands, adorable kids, and home interior.  After our fake families were in place, Amy and I rode our bikes drove our Camaros around the neighborhood, pretending to be the

feather-haired catalog beauties and live our perfect lives.

In the early 1990’s I fell in love with decorating.  I tore images out of magazines and saved them in a large “My Style” binder.  It was organized by room and included home decor inspiration and craft projects that made my heart go pitter patter.  I created a  whole “catalog” of things I loved — heaven!

Fast forward to 2012, when I discovered Pinterest.  Boards organized by subject with unlimited pinning space?  Fashion, food, holidays, home decor, and crafts?  The analytical and creative sides of my brain  merged together in one glorious addiction website, ready to store all of my inspiration into a single mecca of womanly delights, a.k.a., Mom Porn.

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