Let’s Talk About Fat

Good morning, Health Nerds!

I wasn’t always this way.  You know, the health freak friend who touts the benefits of green smoothies and dangers of GMO.  But a diagnosis of Leaky Gut Syndrome five years ago, along with gluten intolerance, led me on a journey of discovering the importance of making better food choices for my health, and my family’s.

So today I’d like to delve more deeply into the reasons I detox.

Firstly, detoxing helps flush toxins and fat from the body. We are bombarded by toxins every day, including pesticides, genetically modified food, preservatives, metals, and cleaning products. Our bodies store these toxins in fat cells in an attempt to protect our organs. This is why it can be so hard to get rid of fat – our bodies don’t want to release those toxins!

By eating clean, easy to digest foods, detoxing allows the body to release and flush toxins, and fat, from our system. What a wonderful gift to give your body and yourself!

Second, it is an effective way to lose weight.  I’m on Day 4 of the Green Smoothie Girl 26 Day Detox and have lost 3.8 pounds so far.  Hubby has lost seven!  In the past two detoxes, I lost nine pounds each time.  Of course I did not keep all of the weight off, because as you transition back to a regular diet you will gain some of it back.  If you use the detox as a starting point to healthier eating, however, you can lower your “set point”, which is the weight your body likes to hang out at.  Since my first detox, I’ve been able to lower my set point by six pounds!  Can I get a Woot Woot?

You might be thinking that most of the weight I’ve lost in the past four days is water weight, and that would be true.  I am not consuming any sodium, which causes water retention.  More importantly, though, I am releasing fluids trapped in inflamed cells.  Inflammation, as we know, is not good for our bodies!  When we reduce inflammation, we reduce our risk for autoimmune disease, cancer, and heart disease.  Because autoimmune disease runs in my family, detoxing is a proactive way for me to reduce my risk.

Detoxing has other benefits as well, including clarity, emotional cleansing, and gaining energy.

If you’re not quite ready for a detox, you can still help your body by eating one-ingredient foods.  Every meal and snack is an opportunity to nourish our body, rather than give it problems to deal with.  YOU control what goes into your mouth, no one else.  Feed your body nutritious food, and it will repay you with more energy!



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