Should You Eat Gluten Free? Conclusion

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Thank you so much for following me down the gluten free rabbit hole these past two weeks.  We learned what gluten is, why you might want to avoid it for health reasons, and how to maintain a gluten free lifestyle for weight loss.

You now know more than you ever wanted to know about the “Big G,” and can impress family, friends, and coworkers with your vast knowledge.

Should You Eat Gluten Free? Conclusion | Grow Eat Glow

My main goal for this series was to provide you with information so you can make informed decisions about your food.  If you are gluten free for health reasons or by choice, I hope the information I provided was helpful as you continue your journey toward healing your body and experimenting with new foods.

And if you’re not gluten free, that’s ok too!  Each person is unique and has different nutritional needs.  I never want to come across as “judgy,” or that there’s only one way to eat healthy.  You need to do what’s best for you!  You have the knowledge and power to change, adapt, or tweak your diet to best fit your lifestyle and goals.

All of the recipes on Grow Eat Glow are gluten free.  I love feedback, and would love to know if you’ve tried any of the recipes or products I review, along with your thoughts.  Give it to me straight – I want to know what you want to see here!

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And here’s a sneak peek at my next post — it’s a review of two gluten free products!

Should You Eat Gluten Free? Conclusion | Grow Eat Glow

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